I’ve never blogged before. There’s something intimidating about being directly linked to your work (particularly online): the vulnerability of being unable to gauge in person, and in real-time about what someone thinks of a particular piece that you’re putting out into the world. Plus, when I envision a “Troll”, I picture the green monster from the Nicorette ads of the early 2000’s: putrid yellowish stink coming off of gnarled teeth and horns, laughing and spitting as they tear apart a collection of something that may have been near and dear to my heart.  First of all , I logically know that people have to actually be reading the stuff in order for there to be any level of serious trolling happening. Secondly, I’m not even familiar enough with how the Internet works to understand trolling, or how to gain any variety of perceived readership and make them readers happen. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely looked it up on Wiki-how, but have yet to come to any real conclusions. But there are some things  I do know about the people of the Internet: They love making fun of people and generalizations. So for my first project I’m planning on doing just that You know, like a jerk. Troll away.




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